1- Do you deliver throughout Europe?

We delivery the Calçotada Packs throughout Europe.

Canary and Balearic Islands excluded.

2- How much is delivery?

Delivery is 100% FREE.

3- When will I receive my order?


4- Can I order less than 100 calçots?

Of course! We have packs of 50, 100, 150 and 200 calçots.

5- What comes with the calçotada pack?

Pack of 50 calçots:

1 x 720g jar of calçot sauce.

5 Bibs, 5 Napkins, 5 Pairs of Gloves and 5 Wet Wipes.

5 Tubs to put the sauce in.

5 Tablecloths.

Pack of 100, 150 and 200 calçots:

Almost 2kg of sauce, the pack with the most sauce on the market (6 x 320g jars of calçots sauce).

10 bibs, 10 Napkins, 10 Pairs of Gloves and 10 Wet Wipes.

10 Tubs to put the sauce in.

10 Tablecloths.

6- How many calçots are recommended per person?

The amounts may vary depending on hunger levels, the food being eaten along with the calçots, etc. We recommend around 15 calçots per person.

7- How long will the calçots remain edible from the moment I receive them until the calçotada?

We collect the calçots on the same day that they are sent, so they will be good to eat up to 7 days from the day you receive your order. However, we recommend taking them out of the box and placing them upright.

8- Can I order additional bibs?

Of course, you can order up to 7 extra packs to complete your order.