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You can now Buy Calçots Online

Ferrer would like you to continue enjoying the pleasure of an authentic calçotada. Choose your pack, from 50 to 200 calçots. And remember, it´s the pack with the most sauce on the market!


Why buy a Ferrer Calçotada Pack?

You can choose between 50,100,150 or 200 calçots.

This is the pack with the most sauce on the market, the authentic Ferrer Calçots Sauce.

Includes: bibs, napkins, pairs of gloves, wet wipes, sauce dish and tablecloths.


The pack with the most sauce on the market!


The price is fair for the farmer!

How to cook calçots at home: grilled, roasted, on the electric grill and battered


We all know the traditional way to go about hosting a calçotada: cooking the calçots over a very strong flame, turning them over and letting them finish in their own steam by wrapping them in……


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