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This year we continue to enjoy an authentic calçotada with our Calçots Online Pack to make it easier and more comfortable to enjoy the ​calçots.


All packs include:

The authentic Ferrer calçots sauce. Bibs, napkins, pairs of gloves and wet wipes. Tubs to put the sauce in. Tablecloths.

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You can now buy calçots online with the Ferrer calçots sauce and our calçotada pack with everything you need for an authentic calçotada:

Pack of 50 calçots:

2 x 320g jars of calçot sauce

5 bibs, 5 napkins, 5 pairs of gloves and 5 wet wipes.

5 tubs to put the sauce in.

5 tablecloths.

Pack of 100, 150 and 200 calçots:

Almost 2kg of sauce, the pack with the most sauce on the market (6 x 320g jars of calçots sauce)

10 bibs, 10 napkins, 10 pairs of gloves and 10 wet wipes.

10 tubs to put the sauce in

10 tablecloths.


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We know that a calçotada is much more than a gastronomic and delicious event. A calçotada is an authentic social event that year after year we repeat with our closest friends and family. Now you can select your Pack Calçotada Ferrer from 50 calçots to make it much more comfortable and easy to live an authentic calçotada!


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